Indus Creed are India’s frontrunning rock band. Also one of the country’s longest-running, the pioneering group set the stage for contemporary Indian rock as well as the current booming independent music scene.

Originally formed in 1985 by Uday Benegal, Mahesh Tinaikar, Zubin Balaporia, Mark Selwyn, Jayesh Gandhi and Mark Menezes, the band downed its shutters in 1997. Unexpectedly regrouping in 2010, the band returned in modified form, featuring founding members Uday, Mahesh and Zubin. They are presently completed by Jai Row Kavi, Krishna Jhaveri and Gaurav Gupta.

The iconic rockers have been awarded numerous accolades (including Best Band at the Jack Daniel’s Rock Awards in 2012 and Vh1 India’s Hall of Fame award in 2014), toured like beasts and released four very successful albums. Their last album, EVOLVE, was mixed by the Grammy-nominated engineer Tim Palmer (Pearl Jam, U2, Ozzy Osbourne, Tears for Fears) and released by Universal Music India in 2012. Indus Creed are primed to release their newest work this year.

EVOLVE is available on iTunes worldwide.